How to maximise what you get from construction frameworks

Frameworks are a key part of the construction industry – one in which clients and supply partners are equally keen to get more out of the relationship, and to better manage opportunities and risks.

Join our Construction News and Opportuni webinar on 14 December at 11am to hear perspectives from across the industry, as well as to explore the future of frameworks and supply chain engagement.

Over the course of the discussion, you will have a chance to learn from industry experts and pose your questions to them live.

Register below for your complimentary place.

Some of the questions the panel will address include:

  • What can the supply chain do to build a strong tender for frameworks and how can they ensure they get the most from clients once they are on frameworks?
  • How will the public sector's approach to frameworks change in the coming years, and how should those changes address the risks and challenges faced by the supply chain?
  • What are the differences between various framework providers’ approaches to value? How can SMEs, specifically, maximise their involvement in them, and what should be the outcomes from this?

The webinar will take place on 14 December at 11am and is free to attend.

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