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From muck and shovels to life on Mars – how building technology has evolved over 150 years


Construction has changed dramatically since CN was founded in 1871. Lem Bingley assesses some of the key breakthroughs that have come to define today’s industry

To most who work in construction, it may come as a surprise to learn that instant funds transfer is 150 years old this year. Starting in…

From flat caps to hard hats – our 150-year journey to better safety


As Construction News marks its 150th year, editor Lem Bingley assesses the long road to greater safety

We can all be immensely grateful that construction is a much healthier and safer undertaking than it was in 1871, when the first edition of Construction News was published. Ideas about acceptable and unacceptable…

CN at 150: former editors on triumphs, tragedies, recessions and Russians


150 years ago, in 1871, the first edition of Construction News was published. To help mark the anniversary, four past editors reflect on their own spell in charge of CN

Tom Fitzpatrick joined Construction News in 2011 and served as editor from 2017 to 2019. He has since returned to…

CN turns 150: three industry leaders reflect on a changing industry


This year marks 150 years since the first edition of Construction News was published in 1871. To help mark the anniversary, three long-serving industry leaders tell Lem Bingley how the industry has transformed in their own lifetimes

Trad Group chief executive Des Moore believes construction remains an entrepreneurial sector where people…

Marking 150 years – and counting

Lem Bingley

This week we complete issue 7,614 of Construction News, a number that won’t trigger any chimes of recognition at its significance. But it is noteworthy in being the first edition produced in our 150th year of publication. As the front cover of each copy proudly proclaims, CN was established in…