Learning from near-misses can make sites safer


Learning lessons from onsite accidents is vital. But examining the cause of disasters that are narrowly avoided can be just as useful. Keith Cooper finds out how firms are collecting information from close calls to improve health and safety

Something seemed wrong to the slinger signaller when the load was attached to…

Fever pitch: can the government deliver 40 hospitals by 2030?


Meeting the government’s 2030 deadline to build 40 new hospitals will rely on intense activity from construction firms. Greg Pitcher takes the programme’s temperature

Time flies when you’re having fun, but slips away alarmingly fast when trying to meet a target for hospital construction while battling the effects of a…

Extended liability: what the Building Safety Act means for construction

abandoned broken floppy disk display

The new Building Safety Act extends liability for safety defects out to 30 years, bringing far-reaching consequences for contractors. Joshua Stein investigates

When the Building Safety Act 2022 received Royal Assent at the end of April, it included a five-fold extension to liability for safety defects in residential buildings. The new…

Timber tensions: renewing the argument for wood


As a low-carbon material, timber has a big role to play in achieving net zero, but fire-safety concerns and a lack of testing are holding back its use. Greg Pitcher reports

Imagine a scenario where the UK has met its goals and achieved net-zero carbon in construction. What does the built…

The data space race: is data centre construction set for take-off?


With demand for data-centre capacity set to increase tenfold between 2018 and 2025, opportunities abound for contractors – whether it’s building new sites or upgrading existing facilities. James Wilmore looks at the potential and the challenges

Many of the shifts in behaviour triggered by the pandemic have brought data centres to…

Watch and learn: using telematics to track and trace equipment on site


Automated remote monitoring of machines via telematics can unlock valuable insights, although collating transmitted data can bring its own hurdles, as Keith Cooper reports

Telematics technology looks like a great tool for construction firms. It allows data from machines – from vans and trucks to excavators and loaders – to be…

Cementing progress on equality, diversity and inclusion


Next steps for embedding an inclusive and welcoming culture across the sector were explored at a Construction News roundtable, sponsored by Copper Consultancy. Steve Dale reports

On the panel Emilia Hardern, diversity and inclusion project manager, Network Rail Jenny Hinde, executive director, The Clear Company Faye Jenkins, head of social…

Can tech help construction get the work done right the first time?


The construction industry is notorious for cost overruns and delays. Construction News assembled a team of experts to discuss how the use of technology could reduce both. Paul Thompson reports

On the panel Lydia Walpole, digital operations director, Costain Cliff Smith, executive director, Get It Right Initiative Nick Leach, head…

Working at height: how material costs and labour shortages hit access firms

Tall metal building frame

Scaffolding firms have faced unprecedented challenges and opportunities from Brexit and the pandemic. Chronic labour shortages worsened as EU workers returned home and COVID-19 sent a shockwave through the industry. The cost of timber and steel – the two core materials of the trade – became unusually and unpredictably priced,…