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Nepal Shuttle Time

Tutor’s Name

Mr Muhammad Andy Ardiansyah - Badminton Asia Development Officer

Member Association (Host)


Course Location

Kathmandu, Nepal

Tutor’s Email


Course Date

18th - 21st April 2016

Course Language


Total participants : 16 disability tutors

Short report from trainer :

The first Shuttle Time in Nepal was launched on 24th February to 2nd march 2016 .This is the second Shuttle Time Tutor course which was conducted by Badminton Asia collaboration with Nepal Badminton Association and Australia Sport matters. There was a great support from all 16 disability tutors who participated in this programme. The aims of the programme is to introduce and develop badminton sport for disability students through the Shuttle Time activities.

Please send all the documents to no later than one week after the course had been finished.