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Vietnam Shuttle Time

Tutor’s Name

Sambenthan Sivaperumal (Badminton Asia)

Member Association (Host)


Course Location

Hanoi, Vietnam

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Course Date

13th - 19th August 2015

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Total Participants : 308 Teachers
VIP : Secretary General of Vietnam National Olympic Council

School badminton program "Shuttle Time" was an astounding success in Vietnam with smooth implementation of courses that run from 13th -19th August 2015. Everyone involved gave 100% support namely the participants, media and Vietnam Badminton Federation.

The opening event on 13th August 2015 in Thimphu, Vietnam was attended by the Secretary General of National Olympic Council. At the closing ceremony on 19 August 2015, Secretary General of Vietnam National Olympic Council was again present to officiate the event.

All participation showed high enthusiasm in the success of this course. Media presence is very helpful in providing information to all the people in Vietnam on the school badminton program "Shuttle Time". This was apparent in the number schools and clubs showing interest in the program specifically and badminton generally.

Teachers are very dedicated in acquiring the knowledge from SHUTTLE TIME. The turnout was very good and they were very enthusiastic and eagerly waiting for us to come back again to conduct another program in the near future.

(Prepared by : Sambenthan Sivaperumal, Badminton Asia)

Please send all the documents to no later than one week after the course had been finished.