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Mark Shelley Alcala

Oct 21st, 2016

Mark Shelley Alcala: “My father is my coach”

Philippines currently has a talented young athletes. His name is Mark Shelley Alcala who always dominating local tournament at his homeland. With a tight tournament schedule, Mark was sent home early. He was lost to Korean, Kim Moon June with 19-21 and 12-21 at the third round.

"Schedule tournaments are really tight; in addition to an international tournament in the Philippines are also many national tournaments. And in the match did I think I was very tired, I played three previous games. I managed to avenge the defeat of Gatjra (Piliang Cupu), but eventually I had to lose. I am tired," Mark said.

Although tired and lost, Mark did not show the look of disappointed. He admitted that he had plays his best, just which it is his body was too tired to play. Mark is the athlete that is predicted will be generations of badminton in the Philippines. Various titles in the domestic tournament he succeeded clinched, an athlete who was born June 19, 1999 in Kawit Cavite was admitted to be a one of the best badminton player in the world.

"I really idolized Taufik Hidayat, I was trying to play with his playing style. I really want to be like him. I've been several times to Indonesia, but I have never had a chance to meet Taufik," he added.

Mark began his badminton career because of the father, Malvin F Alcala who also a badminton athletes. "I have to learn and go to school first and then dad taught me to play badminton. But when I grew up and more intense at badminton training, finally I began to home schooling. I do not like to be at home or at school, it is boring for me, I prefer badminton," he added with a laugh.

In his badminton career, Mark has spend some time to practice in Indonesia too. "I was practiced in Jaya Raya about 3-4 months, I was still playing badminton with my sister. But now my sister had not prioritized badminton, she chooses to be a student. And me? I really want to be on top ranking of the world," he said ambitious.

Mark was admitted very happy to go back to Indonesia. He was deeply loved Indonesia, especially since there is fried rice. "Nasi goreng, enak," he said in Indonesian.

Mark journey in the prestigious tournament for the U17 and U15 is already over, but it seems this is not the end of our hearing his name in world badminton.

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